Sunday, September 19, 2010

Getting Started Online with Aweber

Getting started online should not be a difficult thing. But getting started online involves a few basic steps that are easy to do. You need:

1) A web site

2) A topic

3) An autoresponder (ask yourself: what autoresponder software to put on my web site?)

4) A product to recommend (yours or an affiliate product)

That is all you need to get started.

To get a web site, find a hosting company that offers a web site builder, unless you know Frontpage or Dreamweaver. Go to the web site hosting site you prefer, follow the directions, and in a few hours you should have your own domain name and a web site.

The web site builder will come with step by step directions--simply follow the directions.

You must decide what you want to succeed online. What do you know a lot about? This may take some  stimulating creative thinking, but most people have at least one or two things they do better than many others. Find it and do it.

You must get an autoresponder so you can automate everything you do, or you will become attached at the hip to your computer. You do not want that right?

So most probably you will ask what autoresponder software to put on my web site? I would highly recommend to you to try aweber autoresponder. Although their price is higher than alternatives like GetResponse or 1 ShoppingCart, many business owners are more than willing to switch to Aweber autoresponders simply because of their cutting-edge technology and superb support.

You can get access to the full features of Aweber for just $1 during your first month. It’s not as easy as you may expect, so watch the video tutorials below, it show you exactly how to get the $1 access coupon code.

You’ll need to find the Aweber confirmation email, and confirm first. Then you’ll be given a unique coupon code which you need to enter on the order page.

1.VIDEO – $1 Aweber Autoresponder Signup

2.VIDEO – Setting Up Your New Aweber Account

If you have already created a product; great, write a sales page and get started selling. If not, go to clickbank and find somebody else product to promote.

Remember, you will never succeed if you do not get started. Of course you might fail. Maybe that is what it is. If you are afraid to fail. Then you are afraid to succeed.

Talk soon,

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Watch the video tutorials, it show you exactly how to get the $1 access coupon code.