Thursday, October 7, 2010

Internet Marketing - Follow up Message

Hi, welcome to autoresponder software to put on my website. Today I wanted to comment on the Follow up Message after assumed that you have decided what autoresponder software to put on your website.

Among the main mistake in internet marketing is NOT to follow up. Please remember now, Follow up Message is "The Most BASIC Technique" in internet marketing.

Ignoring it would mean you are limiting your success in Internet business. This matter will be my share today and my only advice is...

"Build the best possible follow up message if you want to succeed in business online!”

Important: The use of follow up marketing is not only for those who have websites but it is also applied for those who promoting affiliate marketing.

As usual my recommendation is to use Aweber autoresponder. It will effectively facilitate the follow up work for you. With an Aweber autoresponder you can set a follow up message automatically without the need to send any message manually to each of your subscribers.

Imagine you live in Bangkok, Thailand and you have a visitor from the USA who subscribes to your mailing list; most probably you are sleeping while they are online! Do they have to wait 8 hours until you wake up to be able to receive an email download link for their free reports, which they have requested from you? This is not effective at all.

You need to understand that those who enter their names and email on your squeeze page to get a free report are actually in a high mood. They want to know more about the free report; therefore the possibility for them to buy products is also very high.

So, with Aweber autoresponder software, you can set the first message (after your prospects confirmed their name and email) which contain your gratitude and honor together with a download link report which they can download on the spot.

If 100 people subscribe at the same time, your Aweber autoresponder software system will sent the message automatically to a hundred subscribers without you doing anything.

Try Aweber, it’s one of the very effective autoresponder software to put on your website.

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