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How Often You Send Follow Up Messages To Subscribers

Beside asking which autoresponder software to put on my web site, you should also learn how to use it. As for today we shall learn something from the following article:

How often You send Follow up messages to Subscribers.
Posted by on 2 July, 2010

Main purpose of the Autoresponders is to follow up the prospects and clients. This increases the chances of product exposure and sales.

What are follow up messages?

You follow the subscriber on a niche by sending a sequence of email messages.

The whole scenario goes like this: Your subscriber subscribes > confirms the subscription > you will send emails once in every week for 7 weeks. These seven messages are called ‘follow up messages’. By sending these messages you are mantaining the interest of the subscriber on a particular topic. Ex: If the subscriber subscribes to receive a search engine optimization course, you will send them seven messages for seven weeks. Each message covers a topic in search engine marketing.

How often to send follow up messages?

You can send any number of messages for any length of time. It will be based on the niche you want to send the email and type of the product you are selling …

For example you are promoting an affiliate product! Create an ecourse with 7 – 10 messages and send them every three days. Or you are just sending information to your subscribers. Then send every day for 10 days and stop for few days and send a promotional email … It all depends on how your subscribers reacts to your emails.

Test the methods couple of times and follow which one gives you profitable results.
What you need to send follow up messages?

You need a software that can be installed on your web site or you need to sign up for a third party follow autoresponder services who hosts that kind of software and send messages on your behalf.

You create some email messages and load them in your autoresponder. Try to offer both HTML and Text options. While you loading them you set them up in your autoresponder software in a way that they go every week.

Tips before sending follow up messages:

* Use double opt-in
* Insert unsubscribe link in every email
* Use short courses with reasonable interval between messages. Long interval between messages might cause loss of interest in subscribers
* Use landing pages and test them which one works best for you
* Target the subscribers by asking questions during subscriptions

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